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List of projects

Lodgments with internal fastenings

Lodgment design

<p><strong>Lodgment design</strong></p>

3D-printed lodgment with internal nuts (sectional view)

<p><strong>3D-printed lodgment with internal nuts (sectional view)</strong></p>


Used for fixing cables in various types of equipment in aviation, in aerospace, in mechanical engineering

Problems and drawbacks

  • High cost of product - now lodgments is milled from caprolon bars;
  • High weight - the product is not hollow.


  • Development of the design methodology and implementation 3D printing technology for lodgments with internal fastenings (nuts, bolts, screws);
  • Ensure the lowest weight of the lodgment without changing the shape.


  • Reduction of the cost threefold;
  • Implementation of 3D-printing (FDM technology, ABS material) lodgments with embedded (internal) fasteners;
  • The ability to reduce the weight without losing strength using lattice structures;
  • The ability to produce any nomenclature without additional equipment;
  • Possibility of fastening plastic lodgments with metal wire products;
  • The reduction in the nomenclature of the general assembly.

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