Original design


Bionic design
Lattice structures design (skin view / cross-section)


Prototype manufactured with a 3D-printer



Yoke is a part of a bicycle titanium frame that connects the rear chainstays and the bottom bracket. This part should be capable to withstand a load equal to 130 kg.

Problems and drawbacks

A conventional manufacturing method is titanium plates milling. A lot of material is wasted during processing, since. titanium chips are hardly recyclable. Two symmetrichalves of the part are milled and then o welded to obtain a single hollow part.


  • reduce weight;
  • Increase strength;
  • Simplify the production technology;
  • Reduce costs.


Various modifications of the part structure were developed:

  1. Bionic design: Part’s weight was reduced by 48.5%. The design is suitable for road bike;
  2. Lattice structures: weight is comparable to the original weight, strength is increased thrice. The design is developed for extreme conditions (dirt, moisture, high structural loads) for MTB.

EBM technology (Electron Beam Melting) was used for manufacturing. The material taken is titanium, production time is 2 days.