Parachute lock

Original assembly

New optimized design

Prototype (unassembled)

Prototype (assembled)


Parachute lock is the mechanism that secures the shoulder and leg straps of the parachute system.

Problems and drawbacks

The original assembly consisted of 46 parts (including threaded and rivet connections), weighed 325 g. Design was overutilized in case of operational loading, plasticity occurred.


  • reduction of mass
  • reduction of the number of parts
  • adaptation for Additive Manufacturing
  • usage in gloves, dirt-resistance, water-resistance, safety-lock


The number of parts was reduced to 7 (including 2 connecting parts). Mass was reduced to 246 g, target load is 320 kg.

This design is easily manufacturable, requires minimal postprocessing.

The prototype was produced using SLM technology (Selective Laser Melting). Material is stainless steel.