Our company was founded in 2015. It specializes in the implementation of additive technologies in mechanical engineering, civil aviation, medical, instrumentation, robotics, oil and gas and consumer goods sector.

We develop and design products and structures taking into account the features and benefits of additive technologies provide modeling / reconstruction of parts together with its partners, produce prototype products by attracting companies that specialize in 3D-printing and CNC-machining. As a result the customer receives the design and technical documentation for product, 3D-model, prototype and recommendations for implementation of additive methods.

We are forming a broad co-operation network, which includes our partners - companies involved in supercomputing, 3D-printing, post-processing, production and distribution of metal powders for 3D-printing and others. This cooperation allows us to accumulate the best practices in the use of additive technologies for business development, as well as quickly and efficiently fulfill the market demands.

We not only fulfill technological engineering orders for our customers, but also, in some cases, initiate the launch of new projects / startups based on additive technologies.